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Developing a Dual-Customer Program

Develop a thorough plan that you can use to deliver all phases of your dual-customer program and produce value for both your jobseekers and your target employers in this 3-day course.


About the Course

Developing a Dual-Customer Program is offered to the alumni of {PROGRAM NAME / COURSE NAMES}.Participants will learn how to use adult learning theory and best practices, along with engaging and participatory learning exercises and experiential methods, to design a compelling and effective dual-customer program that includes screening and selection, ongoing employer engagement, delivery of training and retention supports.


What you will learn


The Cognitive Triangle approach to adult learning and examples of how it can be used to optimize learning


How to validate with your target employers the critical applied skills outcomes that they most want in new entrants


Best practices and a process for screening and selection, using the criteria you developed during Skills for Dual-Customer Interventions


The critical importance of social/emotional and applied learning in an employment context, and how these two forms of learning support one another


How to use the Cognitive Triangle and IED formula to build applied learning opportunities for your jobseekers to develop these skills


Best practices for using Continuous Improvement and employer engagement to enhance and optimize your program with each cohort


Input, Exercise, Debrief (IED), a simple formula for operationalizing the Cognitive Triangle and achieving maximum learning during workshops and other learning activities


Best practices for designing and delivering occupation-specific training, including situational learning and on-the-job training opportunities (via placements, job shadowing, trial shifts or other means)


Best practices for delivering retention supports


What's included


18 hours of training, delivered over 3 workshop days.


Recordings of all live sessions


Training that is highly participatory and engaging, focused on small group work and using adult learning principles


A workbook that includes assignments, relevant readings and other materials to illuminate course content


Access to a private online community with regular resources and free trainings, including exclusive monthly live Q+A calls


A certificate of completion that enables you to participate in ongoing Technical Assistance


Course Outline

The Cognitive Triangle, a framework for designing adult learning that targets cognitive, social/emotional and applied learning

Using Job Requirements Analyses, employer feedback and other workplace research, to define and validate occupation-specific applied skills

Using the Zones of Proximal Development framework to create a training plan that leads jobseekers through progressive skill development

The Input, Exercise, Debrief (IED) model, a simple formula for designing learning interventions that maximize applied learning and skill development

Bullseye Diagramming, a framework for identifying, in collaboration with your target employers, their priorities vis-a-vis new entrant skill development

Building easy-to-follow, easy-to-deliver learning interventions by applying the IED and Cognitive Triangle models

Best practices for occupation-specific training, including Situational Learning and On the Job Training

The principles of Continuous Improvement (CI) and methods for applying CI principles to create feedback loops and enhance your program’s efficacy

Screening and selection best practices and development of tailored candidate selection process for your program

Designing and delivering evidence-informed retention supports

Maximize Impact

Enroll your staff in a full pathway with implementation support to maximize impact.
Foundations of Dual-Customer Approach + Workforce Systems Change
Employer and Industry Engagement for Dual-Customer Interventions
Skills for Dual-Customer Interventions
Teaching Workplace-Relevant Soft Skills
Developing A Dual-Customer Program
Implementing with Support
6 months 

Upcoming Sessions


Developing a Dual-Customer Program is a 3-day course

(6 hours per day, up to 6 hours of independent work)

Participation in the 4 previous {PROGRAM/COURSES NAME} courses is a prerequisite for participation in Developing a Dual-Customer Program. In order to complete the final assignment in Developing a Dual-Customer Program, participants will need to draw on assignments from the previous {Progran Name} courses.


Who should attend


Frontline employment service practitioners including career and employment counsellors and job developers


Program developers, workshop facilitators, trainers, and other learning and development practitioners


Managers of employment and training programs and practitioners

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